Extra repos in subdirs

Pulling in other GitHub repos in subdirs

Some programs need plugins etc that are developed in separate repositories. graphics/nomacs is an example of this: it wants the nomacs-plugins repository to be cloned into nomacs/ImageLounge/plugins/.

The simple solution

This is how to do it: GH_TUPLE

In this case, the plugins are offered as an OPTION. The tuple is therefore enabled by the PLUGINS option.

PLUGINS_GH_TUPLE=       nomacs:nomacs-plugins:3.14:plugins/ImageLounge/plugins

The syntax is as follows (spaces added for clarity, do not use spaces in production):

nomacs :nomacs-plugins:3.14:plugins/ImageLounge/plugins
account:project       :tag :group  /subdir

Note that the group identifier looks like it's a part of the subdir, but it is not.

PR 245110 has been filed to get this clarified in Porter's Handbook.